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eat me!
16th-Oct-2006 12:10 pm - Total hell.
happy parsnip
No, not really. I spent last week madly working on two sets of stage curtains for The Tragedies. I barely slept and I put myself through all sorts of physical traumas to get them done. I had no time to make stuff for Etsy or do anything for myself. However, I made a friend, and that was very very nice.

The person who bought two of the amugurumi veggies from me had some PayPal trouble, and the money got taken back out of my account by PayPal. The good thing is that I was a day late sending her stuff, so I still have the veggies. If I had sent them out on time, I would be out $24 + shipping. I've tried to contact the buyer, but she hasn't returned my emails. I hope that she does; I always want to think of stuff like this as a misunderstanding, as something out of the person's control, not as some disingenuous act.

EDIT: It was some total craziness in her life that was totally out of control. That sucks for her, but I'm glad that she wasn't to blame.
13th-Sep-2006 04:31 pm - SHARI!
happy parsnip
Shari - I keep meaning to tell you: Thanks for the gift card for my B-Day!!! You're too awesome!
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